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Romantic Period Jewelry

Romantic Period Jewelry

I am often inspired by the Victorian era, and so designing beautiful victorian style jewelry is close to my heart.  I’ve also always been inspired by the summertime.  Not just summer the season, but the feelings that summer brings-  feelings of warmth, love, joy and bliss.

Summer is now here and what better way to capture and portray these feelings than with a new Summer Romance jewelry collection.

My new designs have found inspiration from the summer, and from the early part of the Victorian era 1837-1861, also known as the Romantic period, through the use of diamonds, beautiful colored gemstone jewelry and motifs which in my opinion reflect romance and beauty, and everlasting summer and love.

Romantic Period jewelry designed and worn at the time of the young Queen Victoria, was reflective of her youth, and was heavily influenced by her love and marital bliss with Albert. Intricate jewelry pieces symbolizing love and sentiment, romance and eternity were everywhere. The impact of their love and devotion was even further intensifed, when after Albert’s death in 1861, Victoria went into a state of mourning lasting many years, wearing only black clothing and mourning jewelry, which in turn heavily influenced the nature of jewelry designed in the subsequent Grand period and periods that followed.

The romantic era saw beautiful hair jewelry, flower motifs, gold leaves, jewel studded flower buds, love knots, and tassels featured all over in jewelry design, and the jewelry very early on in this period was still predominantly only handmade jewelry.  Hand motifs symbolizing friendship, were also popular in womens jewelry.

‏‏Victorian_turquoise_earrings - עותק

Earrings from the Romantic Period (1837-1860)

The combination of stunning diamond rings, beautiful gemstone necklaces and gorgeous precious stone earrings in my new jewelry designs reflects the style of the romantic era.  My beautiful custom made jewelry mixes old with new, and the romantic era with my take on the modern idea of romance, in the hopes of taking todays girl back to an earlier, beautiful time each and every time she wears one of my designs.

A Jewelry designer in the romantic era would frequently use 18K-22K gold, along with a wide variety of beautiful colored gemstones, usually held in gorgeous prong settings, and the use of intricate filigree designs and complex patterns were commonplace.

‏‏Victorian_Seed_Pearl_Earrings - עותק

Victorian Seed Pearl Earrings. 
Photo Courtesy of Lang Antiques

Some of the most popular gemstones used in the Romantic period were agate, amethyst, diamond, emerald, garnet, quartz, topaz, turquoise. Coral was also used.  Common engagement rings were diamond engagement rings with pearls, rings with rubies, emerald bands or sapphire rings.  Drop cluster earrings with dangling gemstones were also popular stylish earrings.

Queen Victorias emerald engagement ring from Prince Albert was a snake ring with an emerald set head, symbolising eternal love. Emerald was her birthstone and so an emerald ring, appropriate.  Soon serpent symbols were everywhere in jewelry design and sought-after in womens jewelry and especially womens rings.

Gothic and medieval themes were also prevalent in the romantic era and were reflected in jewelry designs.  Large brooches and large matching bracelets were very popular.  Women wore brooches in their hair, on their neck, shoulders and waist.

My passion for designing romantic, beautiful timeless jewelry that women will never want to take off is what inspires me to do what I do.


Victorian Diamond Double Snake Ring. 
Photo Courtesy of Lang Antiques.

Using only the finest materials, our eco-friendly jewelry is made with love…Nearly each piece is created by special order. Coinciding with our personal beliefs, we have a strong emphasis on “green” and environmentally friendly processes, using predominantly recycled metals (when and where available) and make it a priority to use only conflict free stones.

I hope you love the new jewelry collection as much as I do.

xx Neta

Neta Wolpe Client Photos.  Here you can view some of our clients and the jewelry they had custom made or simply shared some photos with them wearing some of Neta’s pieces.  We love sharing those photos as our clients are such an important part of all of the designs.    Feel free to send in your own photos to us so we may add you to our collection.  You can also visit our page featuring custom work to get a better idea of jewelry that has been designed, renewed, and altered.