Neta Wolpe Profile PhotoI am a jeweler.  I have been making jewelry for over twenty-five years and I love it even more now than when I began. That in and of itself is at the heart of my art. I want you to love your jewelry even more twenty, thirty and even fifty years later than you did when first bought it.  I make vintage inspired heirloom quality jewelry that I want you to cherish and pass along for generations to come.

My studio and jewelry shop is located in the heart of the Yemenite Quarter in Tel Aviv.  It is a small shop and nearly everything is done by special order. Coinciding with my personal beliefs, my company has a strong emphasis on “green” and environmentally friendly processes.   I use predominantly recycled metals (when and where available) and make it a priority to use only conflict free stones.

Aside from designing collections for the studio and the public, I also take pride in working with private clients to design wonderful and unique special orders. I love being able to help a client create something wonderful, to combine their ideas and with my help make a stunning piece that they love!

Read more about my personal story and design style here.

Video- Neta at Work  A true love story begins with the right jewelry…






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