Holiday Jewelry for Holiday Wear

How To Select the Perfect Holiday Jewelry

The holidays are fast approaching and you have finally found the perfect evening dress but what about selecting your holiday jewelry to set you apart?  Yes, the upcoming festivities are the best time to show off your stunning cocktail wear.   I thought I would put together something to help ease you into your selections.  Starting from achieving the right amount jewelry to accentuate your look without overpowering your dress as well as how to choose items based on patterns, necklines and body type.

How Much to Wear

How much jewelry is too much?  Well, a general rule of thumb is to not have more than three pieces of jewelry worn at a time.  Therefore, you may want to choose a pair of earrings, a bracelet and and cocktail ring. Try to stick to a few few key pieces. You don’t want to be a walking christmas tree adorned from head to toe and blinding everyone in your path.  I will refer to my Neta Wolpe Timeless Jewelry Collection to help you select what holiday jewelry to wear for these festive times.

Solid Colors

When matching your jewelry with your dressy clothes, the first things one should consider is the color, style and pattern of the dress.  If your dress is more simple or plain, you can afford to be more creative with your jewels.  This is where you can start to have some fun!  Festive earrings are an instant item to dress up an outfit.  Even if you decided not to go out and buy a new dress, the classic little black dress can be transformed instantly with a fabulous pair of colorful cocktail earrings like these.

Teardrop and Stars Cocktail Earrings

If your dress is one color,  multicolored gem jewelry and precious stone jewelry is a wonderful option. Emeralds, sapphires, diamonds and rubies radiate pure elegance.  You may like to match the colored stones to the dress or you may prefer a bold contrast. For instance, that trusty black dress worn with red stilettos could be paired with gorgeous ruby stud earrings and a statement ruby ring. Black dresses are certainly the most versatile,  The contrast of soft pearls,  delicate gold jewelry or bold statement jewelry.

Patterns & Embellishments

If your dress has patterns, stones or embellishments, consider understated timeless jewelry that won’t be too busy and take attention away from the dress.  See my blog post on Timeless Jewelry for a closer look at the Timeless Collection.  I would suggest sticking with one color and metal; for instance, you could wear white gold jewelry like a gorgeous pair of elegant diamond stud earrings and a timeless diamond medallion.  This beautiful classic jewelry is timeless in its appeal and won’t be over the top or clash with the dress.

Diamond is of VS1 clarity and weighs: 0.20 ct.

Solitaire Diamond Pendant

Silver & Gold

Whilst I ordinarily love the look of mixing metals, dresses and jewelry are an exception. If you’re wearing a silver dress, I would generally advise against yellow gold holiday jewelry and vice versa, unless the rest of your accessories are gold and tie in the whole look.  However, a silver dress would look stunning paired with simple delicate white gold jewelry, or perhaps even with small red rubies or deep blue sapphire jewelry.


A deep V-neck dress looks beautiful with a lovely long pendant necklace, whereas a strapless dress or halter neck may look best with no necklace at all.  A strapless dress may suit a choker style necklace or a delicate short gold chain necklace. In the case of a halter dress or a jewel neckline, a pair of statement multi-gem earrings and a chunky gold bracelet or exquisite cocktail ring would complete the look.   A square neckline requires a lovely necklace that either sits below or above the neckline (not right on it).

Diamond & Ruby Mosaic Shield Ring

Diamond & Ruby Mosaic Shield Ring

Body Types

Now that I’ve covered colors and patterns and shapes, another aspect in the selection process is that you must always consider your body type and shape before you go splashing on the bling.  It’s most important to choose holiday jewelry that is proportional to your body and not to overwhelm.

The right jewelry can make a short woman look taller and slimmer while the wrong fashion accessory can have the opposite effect. Shorter women mainly need to be concerned that jewelry isn’t so bold that it’s not in proportion with their stature. The right kind of  holiday jewelry, like a pendant necklace, can even help make a short woman look a bit taller.  Taller women can wear longer chains or choker necklaces. Larger women can get away with larger pieces, where as a smaller woman can sometimes appear as if the jewelry is wearing her, and not the other way around.

Whether your home with family or at a splashy do, these few tips in holiday jewelry should give you a base to draw from.  The final, most important thing to remember when what holiday jewelry to wear, is that you should choose jewelry that you love. If you love a piece, you will be able to wear it with confidence and that will shine brighter than any diamond or gemstone that you are wearing.  Happy holidays!

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