Ruby Floral Ring

Ruby Jewels

Ruby jewels are the star of many of my collections.  It is one of my favorite jewels.  It is feminine and  I adore the ruby for it’s color, versatility, historic background and that is just so stunning and elegant.  They are strong, durable, and their great color quality. Red stones goes beautifully with gold, and the color is the color of love.  According to the mystics this stone to help empower female, fertility, cleansing the blood system, and of course…love.

I love incorporating rubies in engagement rings as well as integrate the ruby in all forms of my jewelry designs, including bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings.  It is featured both as centerpiece gemstone in pendants and rings, as well as a secondary stone to complement other gemstones such as diamonds.

One of my favorite combinations of stones for setting engagement rings is the inlay of rubies and diamonds. This combination of diamond and ruby creates a regal look.   Since there have been kings and queens being adorned in gems, one would find this combination jewelry in all types of royal houses.  Just look at Queen Elizabeth  in her gorgeous gems! Not only Queen Elizabeth is laden with diamonds and rubies, but countless portraits of queens and princesses, counts and kings going back through time.

Ruby Jewels and the Queen

Ruby and the Queen

Another great combination is the engagement rings of rubies and emeralds. This combination brings the scent of ancient worlds even more. It takes us back in time through the Black Plague, Genghis Khan and Rome to the ancient world and ancient Egypt. Periods igniting imagination, Indiana Jones and the magic ring. In that time, the work was based on the slave gem miners and they were to polish them one by one. The jewelry work was so skillfully done that it shames the developed industries of today. Of course, only kings and pharaohs were the wearer of these luxurious ruby jewels. Times have changed and precious gems such as rubies, emeralds, diamonds and sapphires are no longer worn only by the regal, and the powerful. Today, anyone can achieve the royal look.

Custom Emerald and Ruby Engagement Ring

Custom Emerald and Ruby Engagement Ring

Ruby Engagement Rings

One of the tings that I love to do is renew old jewelry with a custom twist. One of the the beautiful gemstone combinations that I incorporated into an engagement ring is from a client of mine who came to me with an antique ring that he inherited from her grandmother. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend with it, but wanted to change it so that it would have a personal feel from him.

Note: when you want to design a custom engagement ring from an antique ring, it should be treated with great care and should not be altered too much. Changing stones are a wonderful idea but changing the design can be tricky and often will take away from the antique nature of the ring. I designed the following ring based on an antique setting and played with the color combination of stones and engravings. This ring has since been added to my full collection in a variety of color combinations but started with a single customer who came in with a very special ring. See the various combinations HERE. Custom colors available by special order.


As an expert gemologist, I can testify that the ruby is a very resistant stone. When designing a piece of jewelry, “immortality” is advantageous. Because a ring such as an engagement ring is worn every day, it is best to incorporate a stone that will stand the test of time. the stone also affects the the character of the ring. A little color goes a long way! A ruby engagement ring gives the appearance of a piece of jewelry that is “antique”. The nature of inherited jewelry is the fact that it shows “the time”. When you switch out a colored stone such as a ruby or emerald with a diamond, it instantly changes the character of the ring to more conservative and elegant.

Ruby Gemstone

Large ruby jewels are extremely rare and valuable and vary from pink to blood-red. A fine colored ruby with a deep red color and excellent transparency can reach several thousand dollars a carat. Synthetic rubies however are inexpensive and often used as a substitute for natural rubies. Ruby is distinguished also for its bright red color, being the most famed and fabled red gemstone. Transparent rubies of large sizes are even rarer than diamonds. The ruby is somewhat of a cousin to the sapphire. It is the red variety of the mineral Corundum. The sapphire is the other gem variety and comes in all colors, aside from red. Essentially, the ruby is a red sapphire. They are identical in all properties except for the color. Sapphire are identical in all properties except for color. Due to its significant value, allure and historical significance, it has been given its own name and not identified as a form of sapphire. Find your favorite ruby today at my shop or on my website!



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