Stunning New Fav! Victorian Style Floral Diamond Ring


Victorian style floral ring is a spectacular sight in 14k gold. The center diamond weighs 0.15 carats, surrounded by twelve 0.01 carat diamonds that gently embrace the center diamond in an artistic design of a flower and its petals. The milgrain detailing adds the vintage flair as the continuous gold beading frames each petal and leaf. Details like those are extremely common in antique style jewelry and gives an added pop to the already delicate and unique design. The band is uniform, thin and slightly hammered with a polished finish. The hammered finish is a more modern element of this beauty, helping the band to shimmer on the hand. This lightweight ring is easily integrated with a wedding ring or other bands.
A ring like this is something that could befit a bride to be or just a lovely ring for any occasion. Victorian style floral rings are so universal that they are relevant today and will be relevant for years to come. Using the finest materials, and superb craftsmanship, this floral delight will make you feel like the belle of the ball.

Center diamond weight: 0.15 ct.
Smaller surrounding diamonds: twelve at 0.01 ct. each

Upper width: 15 mm Lower width: 2 mm Height from finger: 6 mm All ring sizes available. Ring is available in white, rose and yellow gold in either 14k or 18k gold.

As a common practice, we are an eco-friendly business. Using recycled gold and conflict free stones, we are proud to do our part in creating the least amount of impact in the world’s natural resources and promote fair trade.

Click here to see the full new collection!


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